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Oct 16, 2012 5:30pm EDT
still hhve a lot of workk t &pdebate....when governor romney (22:47:42) (debate part two) &p (rommey) "we don't need board of 15 peoole telling us what kinds of treatments we shouud have...." president obama showee something elle..... leading in the pplls....was (12:42:44) (john dddde) pthe only tting his handlers have to say is, hey, your job's on the line...." ass thee prepare for thhir second debbte, analyyts say the pressdent ust find a way to appear tough....but not too tough. (9:20) (riiharr pa too angry if he looks like think it can look like he's paniiky....and its not good foo a pesident to look panicky.; so the queetion is can he tweek his behavior behaviir." 12:47:33)) (john dedie) (fridays libyy bbn) "what eeneeds to do ya know, lookkright at the person and look likeeyou have all the empathy and care in the world for ttat one person." the second debate will &pbe styled like atown hall meeting. where ndecided voters will fill the hall and questions bout the economy are expected.... (12:40:04) "romney's greattst strrngth is the eccnomm. s
Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
romneyys tax cut as favoring the wealthy and adding to the peficit, a claim govvrnor romney denied. baltimore restaurants may soon have to display letter graaes based on theirrperformance n city health inspections inspectionskaren parkk is livee in east baltimore... and says the citys restaurant associationnsayy the postings may beemisleading 3 3 - are... in...// pn... baltiiooe harborrs water . quality.enviionmental groups released tte grades this morning in east baltimore. oxygen levees and water plaritt both improved ffom 20-10.however, 'chhorophyll a' levels worsened.large storms pre blamed for increassng stormwater unoff, which leads to algae blooms and fish kills. halle vandergaag, blue water baalimore: "why is there pollution in our storm drain belongs. our monitoring data doesn't just teel us about thattpollution, it helps us identify where it miiht be coming from." from."to read the health foxbaltimore.coo-- and click on news links. faailies staying at the ronald mcdonald house n baltimore pay be sleepiig a little more s. soundly. city firefighters spent the morning rem
Oct 2, 2012 5:30pm EDT
thescenessfor days.but tomorrow nighh...presideet obama...and mitt romney finally squure off in tteir first televised debate. debate.the president holds a small lead overromney ii many polls.and that's whyyone llcal says that debate is so bothh andidates. 3&p(kromer) "at this point n time, it's obama's to lose, so romneyys behind in the polls, he'' ehind ii a lot of the major swing states that republicans have to win likk peeds to ccme out, and romnee needs toodemonstrate that e can clearly aaticulate his platform.. you an watch the presidential pebatetomorrow night...riggt 3ere on fox 45. big news out of pennnylvania. looks like voters there will find it lot easier to ccst their ballots in he presidential election.that's because a judge there has temporarily halted the state's new voter i-d was one of the strictest in he country. republican supporters said it wwuld stop voter fraud. would keep voters... mostly their voters... away on expected to be marylann representative elijahh cummings... swiitly responding to the pennsylavnia udge
Oct 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
into an argummnt with your better half about the obama/romney debates.."swartz says we went &pout to eat and she got into a fight with er other. and she drank too much...whiih her mother does.hurley says: "don't talkkpolltics sir...yoo really shouldn't." went on tell the judge.../ that... his... wife said... she disliked him.../ because... of his choice... for president...///. as.... the juuge... wasnt pllasedd.../ he... ordered swartz... to stay... 500 feet away... &p from his wife.../ until thhngs... settle down. 3 3 3 aanice warm day today... but some changes on the way this weekend. weekend. lett check in with meteorologgst emily ggrcey. 3 the oriiles will play at home on sunday if they can win tonight...a preview of the birdssand innsports unlimited... addm jones put it best oo twitter ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing. build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here. find someone who can build a futuristic dashboard display. bring future guy back. watch him build a tft display like nothing you've eve
Oct 12, 2012 5:30pm EDT
are flying off shelves.a costume wholesaler in california ays ever since romney mentioned the sesame street chhracter in the first pebbte... orders have been flying in. the retaillpricc range for theecostumes is between 40 and 100 dollars... & to rise because of demand. new jerseyypoliie are looking for a runnway bride... she's seen on this surveillance vvdeo walking out wedding dress that she didn't pay for...witt a toddllr &pwalking a few eet behind. police believe the 3 yeer old ggrl may haae been used in the crime -- to distract the store owner while the wommn was trying on dresses..... trigo: "this was on a friday, you're gettiig 8 bridesmaids ttgethhr without an we have to beeievv it was a plan."//butt to///trigo: "when you start using a little girl, you're coachiig a kid to be a thiee concerned"if the woman who ssoleethe dress is caught -- she'lllface second degree theft charges 3 3 a... maryland man... is... stiil... in the running... for... a... 5 pillion dollarr.. recorring "the x factor." with an update on david here fox show for oday
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5